Wednesday, 11 June 2014

I've started so I'll finish

I love starting something new.  I like trying things, learning a new skill or craft, messing about with something I've not tried before. It's interesting, it engages me and I get a kick from the novelty of it.

Finishing? Not so much.

There are often awkward last bits to do. Perhaps I needed a different bit of kit, or ran out of the right yarn. I may have found it a bit more tedious or long-winded than I'd hoped and wandered off, bored. Sometimes I put it down when something more pressing demanded my time and I just plain forgot about it. My house has heaps of little part-done projects stuffed into boxes or odd corners.

I decided to make June my Finishing Month.  Rather than start new crafts or hobbies I am going to finish up ones I've already begun.

First up was a little heart shaped rag rug kit I bought at Yarndale. The hessian backing shed a lot and irritated me when I was getting started so i shoved it in a corner and ignored it for months on end.  This last couple of weeks I've finished making the heart and tweaked it a bit. I've trimmed it ready for sewing and will find some fabric this weekend so I can make it into a cushion cover for Miss B's room rather than the little wall hanging it was meant to be. I like it a lot.  The trick was to use an embroidery hoop for the first bit to hold it taut and to ditch the shonky poking stick made from a cut down clothes peg that came with the kit for a crochet hook. That made it all easier and faster.

Next was my little crocheted rabbit. I'd made all the parts bar the second ear, and I had sewn him together back in April. Then I misplaced my hook.  I found it again, finished the ear off a
nd attached it. He's a bit wonky but I love him. Made entirely by me - using a posh version of string and a stick (nice yarn and a crochet hook) I made a proper, can-sit-up-by-itself 3D cuddly toy.  Yay!

My third project is a tapestry kit to make a pincushion with a cockerel on it that I bought to keep me busy on a train journey back in January. I'd forgotten how much I like the quiet repetitive action of doing tapestry.  I thoroughly enjoyed doing it while chatting with people at the new Knit and Natter people at a local cafe.

Next up , the second attempt at a nice sleeve for my lovely MacBook. I know where I went wrong with the first one and am sure the new attempt will work out better.

I'll add the project photos as I get done.

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  1. Little rabbit looks great! You must feel a sense of pride and achievement.Well done