Monday, 27 October 2014

Happy hipsters

People love to hate whatever tribe the newspapers identify, don't they.  In the 80s I remember them mocking Yuppies, and Sloane Rangers. Without thinking hard about it, I remember articles mocking: Gen Xers, slackers, New Age Travellers, eco-warriers, Yummy Mummies and MAMILs. Currently there are hipsters.

Oh, how everyone loves to hate hipsters. Look at them, with their turned up skinny jeans and daft facial hair. At least one status in my Facebook feed each day is slagging them off.

I love them.  I think they're great. I like the check shirts - they remind me of what kids wore when I was growing up in Ontario. I like the coloured trousers. I like their massive beards.  I like that they aren't wearing the usual boring clothes blokes wear - suits or jeans and dull or 'amusing' T shirts. I like high top sneakers, work boots, down jackets and I have a deep and abiding love of hats...

Hell, hipsters are all about some of my favourite things. That comfy lumberjack look of my Canadian childhood with Grizzly Adams's beard and a deep and abiding love of coffee. And ideally a MacBook Air.

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